Roof Hail Damage In San Antonio Texas

One of the major causes of roof damage in America is the hail storm. A report suggests that losses due to hail account for an approximate amount of $10 billion every year! If they’re not addressed in time, roof damage can result in water damage inside your house.

Although it’s not possible to completely avoid it, you can limit the roof damage due to hail by timely repair/replacement action. Class 4 roofing shingles are highly resistant to impacts and shocks and hence are a good option.

We provide extensive repair, installation and replacement services for roofs in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Hail hitting a roof in San Antonio hail storm

What are the Signs of Roof Damage?

Even if there aren’t any roofs visibly damaged in your neighborhood, it’s very important to inspect your roof carefully after a hail storm. This is because hail doesn’t fall in a uniform manner; different locations may have different intensities of hail. Following are a few signs to look for:

Hail damage roof inspection in San Antonio Texas

Get your roof inspected!

The above mentioned signs can give you an indication of the chances of damage to your roof. However, you will want to have any damage confirmed by an expert.  Charger Roofing offers a FREE roof checkup! Click here to schedule your FREE Roof inspection checkup

If any damage is found we will also provide you with a detailed estimate. We do not recommend checking your roof by yourself without taking adequate safety precautions.


    Composite Roof shingle with hail damage in New Braunfels
    Composite roof hail damage in San Antonio Texas

    Surface Damage

    Your roof surface is the first to suffer damage in a hailstorm. This is especially the case for roofs made of asphalt and composite shingles. Some common types of surface damage are:

    Hidden & Concealed Damage.

    Often the damage isn’t visible to the naked eye.  A roofing shingle can be damaged from within. This type of damage will appear and affect your roof down the road, and can develop into larger problems.  If there is any question of possible damage it’s a good idea to get your roof inspected by a professional.

    An expert roofing contractor will not only present an accurate picture of the roof damage, but will also check other components like vents, chimneys, gutters, skylights etc.

    Identification of Roof Damage Due to Hail.

    In order to decide upon the most suitable plan of action including filing an insurance claim or warranty claim, you need to accurately identify the roof damage. A professional roofing expert can tell the exact type and cause of damage, which could be:

    • Cracking or blistering due to solar UV radiation.
    • Abrasion from installation of shingles.
    • Degradation due to scuffing by debris brought with the wind.
    • Wear and tear with time.


    Why Should I Repair the Roof Damaged by Hail?

    In addition to deteriorating the aesthetics, hail damage to your roof can have an adverse effect on its functionality. If you find water leaking through the damaged portion, you will need to have emergency repair/replacement. If this isn’t done immediately, you could have severe damage to your property.

    Does My Roof Insurance Cover Damages Due to Hail?

    Roof damage caused by hail is covered by most insurance policies. A few important points to note are:

    • Normally, you need to file your claim within a year.
    • You will have to pay the deductible on your policy (required by Texas law).
    • Your claim could lead to a rise in your upcoming premiums.
    • Cosmetic roof damage might not be covered.

    If you cannot afford to pay your deductible out of your pocket, Charger Roofing accepts all major credit cards and offers several financing options as well.

    Your insurance agent can tell you more about the other peculiarities of your policy.

    Some Useful Tips for Managing Roof Damage Claims.
    1. Choose Wisely. Understand the clauses by reading through your insurance documents and certificates from the insurer. Ask for references and read their reviews.
    1. Timely Notification. You must immediately notify the insurance company when you want to place a claim. Many insurance providers allow submission through Apps or online platforms.

    How to Avoid or Minimize Roof Damages Due to Hail?

    If you’re residing in a locality with a high probability of hailstorms, any items left outdoors are susceptible to be damaged. However, the roof has to face the brunt because you can’t pull it indoors!

    Use of good quality roofing materials like shock resistant Class 4 shingles can enhance your roof’s life. These shingles can sustain heavy hailstorms and aren’t damaged easily. Certain insurance companies even offer discounts on their premiums, if you’ve installed a durable roofing system. Get in touch with your insurance agent for more details.

    Although it’s not possible to completely eliminate the risk of hail damage to your roof, you can certainly minimize it. After installing damage-resistant Class 4 roofing shingles, timely identification of future damage and suitable action are important.